Flotec Unveils New Website

December 7, 2010

The revamped Flotec website is part of Pentair’s overall strategy to standardize and align the site with the new experience. The new site includes an interactive virtual house experience that allows the user to fly through a home and learn more about all the unique and innovative product available from Flotec, including the space saving under sink utility pump system. Pentair’s overarching online initiative includes the introduction of multiple flow technologies and other brand sites, creating more customer tools, highlighting the company’s sustainable solutions platform and much more.


Specifically, the new site was designed to strategically execute Pentair business objectives, including:

  • Successfully positioning and marketing flow products and brands to target audiences.
  • Providing an interactive product selection experience to lead consumers to the appropriate product to fit their need.
  • Developing an easy means to promote new product features and benefits and communicate product updates to sales channels and the general public.
  • Increasing customer service, sales support and marketing on each site including:
        • Easy product warranty registration
        • Access to training
        • Videos
        • Newsletter/email sign-up
  • Tracking and measuring traffic at every level of the experience.
  • Collecting retailer, distributor and dealer information and leveraging it as part of ongoing customer relationship marketing efforts.


To visit the new website, go to