What Size Sump Pump Do I Need?


What Size Sump Pump do I Need?

1. If you are replacing an existing pump, simply match the HP to your old pump. If your current pump is having trouble keeping up with the water flow, you should buy the next larger HP.

2. For new applications, 1/3 HP as a minimum is recommended. If the pump is undersized, it could flood your basement.

3. If you need to constantly pump a lot of water from your basin choose a pump with at least a 1/2 HP rating.

4. The higher you have to pump water up from the basin, the more HP your pump will need.

5. For sump pit diameters/depths of 10" to 12", use a vertical switch model. If you have a sump pump, you should consider the purchase of a Back-Up Sump Pump System. These systems are a back-up in case of power loss or primary sump pump failure to protect your home and valuables.