How to Winterize a Lawn Sprinkler Pump


Read your manual for installation, operation, and safety information. This guide neither supplements nor replaces the Owner’s Manual.

How to Winterize a Lawn Sprinkler Pump
Lawn sprinkler systems allow the homeowner to water his lawn at optimal times of the day or to perform watering when he is away. However, sprinkler systems require winter maintenance. When the lawn goes dormant in cooler climates, it is advisable to winterize the pump and system. This will help extend the life of the pump and avoid damage from frozen pipes.

Cost (0-5 scale): 1
Difficulty (0-5 scale): 2

Items Needed:
• Wrench
• Spray gasket lubricant
• Plastic trash bag

Step One – Clean Pump Housing
Turn off the water to the sprinkler pump. Remove the cover to the top of the pump housing. Remove all the debris from the area. The debris will cause mold during the winter.

Step Two – Remove Water from Sprinkler Lines
Turn the pump on for no more than 5 minutes. This will blow water out of the sprinkler lines. Unless removed, this water will freeze and could rupture underground or above ground sprinkler lines.

Step Three – Drain Pump and Lines
Disconnect the discharge line from the pump. This will allow the remaining water to drain out of the line. Remove the inlet line to the pump. This will drain the line from the water source to the pump. Open the drain valve on the bottom of the pump with the wrench. These steps will prevent freezing of the affected parts.

Step Four – Lubricate Pump and Cover
When the pump has drained completely, spray all gaskets with lubricant. Cover the pump with the trash bag. This will reduce moisture on the pump. Check the gasket on the pump cover for damage. If there are any tears in the gasket, replace the gasket. Replace the pump housing cover.

Congratulations, you have successfully winterized your sprinkler pump!