What Horsepower Do I Need?


If you are replacing an existing pump, what horsepower rating is it?

Check the model plate attached to the existing sump pump.  Look for the Horsepower (or HP) rating.


If you cannot read the label on your pump, or you don't already have a pump there

 It is usually safe to choose a ½ HP pump, as this is the most common. 


If you want a pump that runs for a shorter period of time and ejects the water more quickly, select a model that offers more power.  However, if selecting a larger pump, only move up to the next larger size to ensure having sufficient power for the job
In short, more horsepower means: 
   1)  The water moves out more quickly
   2)  It may cost a little more to operate as it usually uses more electricity.  
   3)  You may need larger diameter discharge pipe to handle the flow if you choose a pump with more horsepower than you currently have.
Next, we will look at why the diameter of your sump pump's discharge pipe is important.
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