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Model Info on Ordering the Part or Accessory You Need

Parts and Accessories

Flotec offers a full line of replacement parts and accessories. Whether you need to overhaul that pump that's given you years of service, or get the accessory you need to finish up the job you're working on, we should be able to supply what you need.

For Replacement Parts, start by searching for the pump that the parts will be used on.  In many cases the overhaul kit or seal & gasket kit will be listed at the top right of the pump listing under a heading called "Accessories". If you don't see what you need listed there, then download the pump's owner's manual and/or parts listing. Replacement parts will be broken down in there.

Once you have the part number you need, head to the store where you bought the pump. Any store that sells our products can also order the replacement parts or accessories you need. Because of the very large number of parts and accessories we offer, they may not stock the item you're looking for. You will probably need to talk with someone at their "Special Orders" desk and have them order the parts in for you. Any store that sells our pumps can also special order our parts and accessories.

Naturally, if you have trouble finding the part or accessory, or if you don't have one of our retailers near you, it is possible to order directly from us. Keep in mind that because we offer discounts to our vendors, they often pass those discounts on and are able to sell you the part or accessory for less than what you would pay us directly. Often, they will not charge you any shipping/handling charges either. Because we are a factory and are set up to ship to vendors, it is necessary for us to charge you a reasonable shipping/handling charge.

To order directly from us, call us at 800-365-6832
Call weekdays 7:30am - 5:00pm CST
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Key Features
  • Save Money by Repairing Rather than Replacing
  • Extend the Life of Your Equipment
  • Help the Earth by Not Adding to a Landfill